Biography: Mirna Tominac Trcin

Mirna Tominac TrcinMirna Tominac Trcin, was born in 1971 in Sisak. In 1999, she graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb. She received her MSc degree in 2004 and in 2012 her PhD degree at the Faculty of Science, Univ. of Zagreb. In 2007 she was appointed Head of Tissue Bank of the Clinic for Traumatology, at University Hospital Centre Sestre milosrdnice. Her professional education included training in tissue banking practice at Tissue Bank of the Ghent Univ. Hospital (2005), a course on skin cultivation practice at Central Tissue Bank of the Univ. Hospital in Bratislava (2008), Diploma in Advanced International Training Program in Tissue Banking Management at the Univ. of Barcelona (2009), a course in limbal stem cell cultivation at Fondazione Banca Degli Occhi del Veneto Onlus , Centro Regionale di Riferimento per gli Innesti Corneali e di Ricera Sulle Cellule Staminali Epiteliali (2010). Her research interests include development of advanced therapy medicinal products which could be used as tissue substitutes in wound healing processes. She is a member of European Association of Tissue Banks, EATB and Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society, TERMIS.