Biography: Ivana Vrgoč Zimić

Ivana Vrgoč ZimićIvana Vrgoč Zimić, was born 1987. in Split. She received her master of bioprocess engineering degree in 2011. at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology. During her study, she received Dean’s award and Scholarship of Biotechnology Foundation for academic year 2010/2011.

She started her career as Assistant in preparation of documentation for medicine and medicinal product registration in pharmaceutical company from 2012 to 2013.

From 2013. she works as biologist-biotechnologist in Tissue bank, Sestre Milosrdnice Hospital Center – University Department of Traumatology. For the past four years she worked full time in the field of cell therapy (cultivation of autologus skin for burned patients) and tissue banking (processing and banking of amniotic membrane, banking of femur head). Her professional education included training in processing and banking of cadaveric skin for burn patients at Tissue Bank in University Hospital of Verona (2016), a course of chondrocytes cultivation in Cell and Musculoskeletal Bank in Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli (2015). She also worked on development of new cell therapies for clinical use – limbal cell cultivation for patients with limbal stem cell deficiency.