Emi Govorčin Bajsić, PhD

Emi Govorčin Bajsić, PhD is a full Professor at Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology (FKIT) University of Zagreb. From 1999.-2003. she was Senior Assistant; 2003.-2007.Assistant Professor 2007.–2012. Associate Professor and 2012.- full Professor on FKIT. From 1990.-1991. she worked on her PhD dissertation at Polymer Technologies. Inc., PTI, University of Detroit, Michigan, USA. Prof. Govorčin Bajsić has over 30 years of experience in development of polymer materials; morphology and structure property relationships in polymer blends, stability of polymer, physical and chemical processes during the ageing of polymers. Her current scientific and research work is focuses on the polymer blends, bioploymers and micro and nanocomposites. At FKIT she is a professor on 8 courses in the field of polymer materials and processing of polymer materials at pregraduate and graduate study. She published more than 40 journal papers ( 22 CC). She has presented her research work at 50 scientific conferences. She participated on 5 scientific projects and conducted 1. Dr Govorčin Bajsić graduated 30 students and 1 PhD student at FKIT. She was member of Organizing & Scientific Committee of POLYCHAR 20 World Forum on Advanced Materials, Dubrovnik, 2012 ,COST (Management Committee Member) MP1206 and from 2010 she is Member of Clauster of automotive parts manufactures (AD Klaster).
She is member of scientific societies (Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers (HDKI), Society for plastic and rubber, The alumni society of the chemical engineers and their friends at the University of Zagreb (Almae Matris Croatiae Alumni, AMACIZ) and Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts- Scientific Council for Crude Oil and Gas.