Biography: Tamara Holjevac Grgurić

Tamara HoljevacDr. sc. Tamara Holjevac Grgurić, associate professor
Associate Professor Tamara Holjevac Grgurić, PhD was born in 1971 in Zagreb. She graduated from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology in 1995. After graduation, she started working at the same Faculty as Young Researcher earning her master’s degree in 2001 and her doctoral degree in 2006. She became Assistant in 2001 and later, in 2006, she was promoted to Senior Assistant at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology. In 2009, she joined the University of Zagreb Faculty of Metallurgy as Assistant Professor teaching Thermodynamics of Materials, Characterization of Materials, etc. She became Associate professor at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Metallurgy in 2016. During 2005, she participated in a scientific training at the University of North Texas in the Laboratory of Advanced Polymers and Optimized Materials, Denton, USA, in the field of thermal analysis of materials, modelling of thermodynamic parameters as well as life prediction of materials. During 2010, she participated in the Basileus Erasmus Mundus Program for Academic Mobility as a Visiting Professor at the University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor, in the field of thermodynamic modelling and prediction of phase diagrams for metal alloys as well as application of thermodynamic software, namely Thermo-Calc and PANDAT. 2016. she was at scientific training at the Ruhr-Universitat”, in Bochum, Germany. She was a Project Leader of the international project called “Development of New Shape Memory Alloys” (2012), WORLD programme University of Zagreb, which was successfully completed and realized in cooperation with the University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor, Republic of Serbia and the University of Zenica, Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Furthermore, she was a member of the Management Team of the EU project COST MP0902 “Composites of Inorganic Nanotubes and Polymers” (COINAPO) and the leader of the Croatian Research Group (2010-2013) and COST project MP1206 „Electrospun nano-fibres for composite materials and innovative industrial applications” (2013-2017). She also participated in the international bilateral project called Technology of Processing and Heat Treatment of Steel Products for Automotive Industry (2012-2013), in five national scientific projects and four University supports. She is currently a leader of bilateral project “Development and Characterization of innovative Shape Memory Alloys Cu-Al-Mn-Me (Me= Ag, Au, Ce)” and associate in HRZZ project “Designing of microstructure and functional properties of Cu-based Shape Memory Alloys”. Further, she is a MC member of EU project COST CA15107 „Multi-Functional Nano-Carbon Composite Materials Network”. Her field of investigation includes thermodynamics of materials, determination of thermodynamic and kinetic parameters, application of thermodynamic software, thermodynamic modelling, prediction of phase diagrams of metal alloys, design and characterization of materials, shape memory alloys. So far, she has published 60 papers, of which 21 have been cited in the Current Content database and one published in a reviewed book. 16 papers have been published in Q1 and Q2 publications. In the past 5 years (2010-2014) she published 11 papers cited in the Current Content database and 19 other papers. She was a member of the organizing committees of two international conferences: POLYCHAR-20 World Forum on Advanced Materials, Dubrovnik, 2012, and Polymer Materials and Additives, Zagreb, 2009. She is a member of the Alloy Phase Diagram International Commision.