Biography: Budimir Mijović

Budimir Mijović

Professor Budimir Mijovic is employed as a full time professor and researcher at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology, Department of Basic Natural and Technical Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia. He finished his PhD degree in 1987 in the field of biomaterials and bioengineering at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Engineering. After his PhD his research was focused on the mechanics of blood vessels and biorheology. From 2008 to 2009 he has been the Head of the Department of Basic Natural and Technical Sciences and from 2009 to 2012 the Vice Dean for Science at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology. As a research fellow and visiting academic he has worked in a number of Institutions including: Technical Faculty, Friedrich-Alexander Universitet, Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, Boise State University, USA Technical University of Eindhoven, Nederland, Technical University of Munich, Germany etc. In 2001 he received an award for International scientist of the year from the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England. His scientific area of interest is nanofibers production via electrospinning and their application in the field of: soft tissue cells culture for potential tissue regeneration, thermally insulating materials, UV-protective materials etc. His current focus is on the realization of the project proposal funded by the Croatian Science Foundation concerning development of a custom tailored scaffold prototype for skin and ocular tissue growth.