Custom Tailored Fibrous Scaffold Prototype for Tissue Cells Culture via Combined Electrospinning

This project focuses on the development of electrospun cells scaffolds for tissue engineering, thus contributes in the problem of donors scarcity in traditional organ transplant surgery. Scaffolds should mimic the native cells surrounding, support cells adhesion, cells penetration and homogenous colonization. The technique of electrospinning is advantageous due to versatility in materials selection, fibers diameter and morphology control and complex compositions fabrication with the addition of nanomaterials to the polymer solutions or melts. The project offers solution to fabrication of electrospun scaffolds with dual structure overcoming the drawback of scaffolds intrinsic 2D structure. The final goal of the project is to develop scaffolds with optimal architecture and multifunctionality, thus introducing co-existence of several functional spieces…

Project name: IP-2016-06-6878 Custom Tailored Fibrous Scaffold Prototype for Tissue Cells Culture via Combined Electrospinning


PI institution: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology

PI: Prof Budimir Mijović, PhD

Duration: 48 months

Funding instrument: National Science Foundation

Project cost: 969.700,94 HRK

Project highlights

The uniqueness of this project is based on several aspects:

The combination of both techniques of electrospinning, solution and melt electrospinning for the fabrication of dual, nano and micro fibrous scaffolds structure.

3D printed collectors for fabrication of scaffolds target surface topography

Scaffolds surface wettability improvement through bio based components, i.e. silk fibroin

Scaffolds functionalization through incorporation of antibacterial and biological species

In vitro validation of scaffolds structure and function through human model cells culture including skin fibroblasts and keratinocytes and ocular limbal cells.

About us

An interdisciplinary team with different areas of expertise including, textile engineering or fiber science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, biotechnology in biomedicine and applied medicine – ophthalmology… read more.Our final goal is new knowledge gain for a prospective application of as developed fibrous scaffolds prototypes in high level burns treatments and damaged ocular tissue repair.


New knowledge transfer to target groups, undergraduate and graduate degrees, students’ science competitions…

Project grant:

IP-2016-06-6878 supported by Croatian Science Foundation (March 2017 – February 2021)